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Hemor-Rite Cryotherapy

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Please visit us at are a very common condition. It has been estimated that approximately half of all Americans will have hemorrhoids by the age of 50. If left untreated, the condition of the rectal cavity and its functions may worsen. Med-Rite laboratories has patented the Hemor-Rite Cryotherapy device.Hemor-Rite Cryotherapy is an anatomically designed device for applying cold therapy (Cryotherapy) directly to the swollen hemorrhoidal veins and blood vessels of external hemorrhoids and the internal hemorrhoids within the rectal cavity and the anal area. The direct application of cold provides prompt relief of itching, pain, and swelling. In addition, Hemor Rite Cryotherapy is beneficial for the treatment of anal and perianal fissures due to vasoconstriction (the process of prevent and acute blood loss) and analgesia properties of the device. Hemor- Rite Cryotherapy has been designed taking the following factors into consideration: human anatomy and the medical concepts for treating the ailment.

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